Requirements During Reign as Princess:

1.) Must wear Kaw traditional dress (broadcloth skirt with pleat, traditional Kaw Shirt, yarn belt, traditional moccasins and leggings (leggings can be optional) at all Pow Wow and ceremonial functions where she represents Kaw Nation.

2.) Must be of good character, be willing to greet the public, and be a good ambassador for the Kaw Nation.

3.) Must be of Kaw descent or legally adopted by an enrolled Kaw Tribal Member.

4.) Must be current student in Junior High, High School, or College and be between 14 and 21 years of age.

5.) Must be single with no children.

6.) Must never have been married.

7.) Must be able to represent Kaw Nation at a minimum of (5) PowWows, more if possible. The (5) five shall include Council Grove, Kaw and Standing Bear Pow Wow and 2 others within a 50-mile radius of Kaw Nation.

8.) Must attend other cultural or public relations events as requested by the Cultural Committee.

Interested candidates are urged to read the requirements and submit photo of themselves in traditional Kaw dress. Please fill all the required blanks below. The application will be forwarded onto the Cultural Committee for review.