In a heartwarming display of love, respect, and cultural preservation, the 47th annual Kaw Nation Powwow became the backdrop for a meaningful gesture that will forever enhance the atmosphere at the Washunga Tribal Cemetery in Newkirk, Oklahoma. Among the lively dances and vibrant regalia on the 2nd day of Powwow celebrations, a touching act of generosity unfolded—a donation from the surviving family of Donna Villa and Ted Thompson.

With intentions of honoring their memory in a meaningful way, family members of Donna and Ted presented a remarkable gift to the Kaw Nation Cemetery Committee. A set of exquisite chair covers, skillfully sewn from tribal blankets, seamlessly complemented the cover tent donated also by Donna Villa’s surviving family members in 2019 to commemorate her and her father, Ted Thompson.

The chair covers, adorned with a vivid spectrum of colorful tribal designs, not only provide appropriate seating, but also serve as a visual tapestry that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of Kaw Nation culture. The tent, a sleek addition to the aesthetics, stands as a testament to Donna’s foresight in creating a space that dignifies the memories of their loved ones. These donated items come together harmoniously, creating a serene and respectful environment during Funeral Services at the Washunga Tribal Cemetery. As the community gathers to bid farewell to their beloved tribal citizens, they can now find solace and comfort in a space that pays homage to the cultural richness and familial ties that define the Kaw Nation.

The Kaw Nation Cemetery Committee extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Villa and Thompson families for this generous donation, a gift that transcends mere physical objects and becomes a symbol of continuity, love, and cultural pride. The Washunga Tribal Cemetery is now adorned with not just blankets and tents but with the enduring spirit of those who came before, immortalized through this thoughtful act of remembrance.