Child Support Services

Dedicated to providing a pathway toward strengthening family responsibility and thereby empowering children with opportunities for emotional, social, physical and spiritual well-being.

Our Mission

Purpose of Child Support Services Guidlines

• Establish the legal responsibility of parents to provide financially for their children’s food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education and general well-being;
• Establish as policy, an adequate standard of support for children in the Kaw Nation jurisdiction;
• Make support payments more equitable by ensuring consistent treatment of person in similar circumstances;
• Make support payments based on the real earning capability of parents as demonstrated in current and prior work history; and
• Improve the efficiency of child support establishment and enforcement.
• Provide for the administrative and judicial procedures for establishment, modification, termination and enforcement of child support.


Who can apply for services.

• Any person who is a member of the Kaw Nation or a minor who is eligible to be a member
• Any person residing within the Kay County area who is alleged to be the parent of a Native American child or an Indian child residing within the jurisdiction of the Kaw Nation.
• Any person who is subject to the jurisdiction as provided by statute or by consent or by any means that personal service may be acquired consistent with federal law.
• Any person who is employed by the Kaw Nation and chooses to submit to the Kaw Tribal Court.


Services Provided

• Locate non-custodial parents
• Establish paternity
• Establish a child support and/or medical order
• Modify child support orders
• Distribute child support payments