We are excited to announce Bobbi Ollenborger as the new Director of Kanza Wellness Center. With over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, Bobbi brings a wealth of knowledge to this role.

Born in Winfield, Kansas, Bobbi’s journey into fitness began at the age of 18 when she joined a local gym. By 19, she was teaching fitness classes and went on to earn multiple training certifications, working closely with the American Aerobic Association International. By 21, she was leading as the fitness director of a 24-hour health club, learning alongside established instructors.

Bobbi’s vision for Kanza Wellness Center is to create a strong sense of community among its members. She believes in the holistic connection between physical and mental health and aims to foster a tight-knit community focused on wellness.

Outside of her role, Bobbi enjoys gardening and tending to houseplants, reflecting her passion for nurturing physical and natural health.

Join us in welcoming Bobbi Ollenborger as our new Director. We look forward to an exciting and healthy future under her leadership as we pursue health and wellness together.