About KHDD

Kaw Nation developed the Kanza Human Development Division program for tribal members in the areas of education, employment, training and child care. The purpose of the program is to provide tribal members an opportunity to attend education and training programs to prepare them for employment and provide child care for tribal members enrolled in services. Kanza Human Development Division has many programs to meet your needs including short and long-term training programs, on-the-job training, vocational education, education programs at community college, other colleges and university level. After you’ve completed the program, Kanza Human Development Division walks with you every step of the way to gain employment.

Our Vision

At Kanza Human Development Division, our vision is simple yet powerful: You are not alone. We are dedicated to walking with you every step of the way, providing unwavering support and guidance to ensure your journey is met with companionship, understanding, and empowerment.

Our Mission

At Kanza Human Development Division, our mission is to nurture growth from cradle to college and beyond. We aspire to be a comprehensive services that empowers individuals at every stage of their journey. Our dedicated team is here to support and catalyze human development, fostering a community where every person can thrive, excel, and achieve their fullest potential.

khdd hours

M-F: 8am – 4pm


400 E Central Suite 206, Ponca City