Amanda Wamego, recently appointed as the Director of the Kanza Human Development Division (KHDD), has a rich history with the Kaw Nation that dates back to her early years. At the age of 16, Amanda began her journey with the tribe, working at the Garden Center in Washunga Bay. Following a couple of seasons at the garden center, she became an integral part of the staff during the formative days of the Kanza Wellness Center in Newkirk, Oklahoma.

Amanda’s professional trajectory continued to evolve as she honed her skills and expanded her impact within the Kaw Nation. Over the next decade, she served as a grant writer, contributing significantly to the tribe’s initiatives. In recent years, Amanda extended her expertise to Osage Nation, working on grant projects. However, her deep connection with the Kaw Nation community and a desire to give back led her to return to her roots.

Motivated by a passion for the well-being of Kaw Nation youth, including her own daughter, whom she has seen grow within the community, Amanda brings a wealth of experience to her role as the Director of KHDD. Her focus extends to enhancing and expanding the division’s resources and federally funded programs, specifically designed to support K-12 students and those pursuing higher education at colleges, universities, and vocational programs.

Amanda envisions creating a nurturing and inclusive environment for Tribal Citizens, fostering scholastic and professional development. She extends a warm invitation for individuals to reach out or visit the KHDD offices in City Central, Ponca City, as she endeavors to facilitate the continued growth and success of the community.